General Contractors


The business world is fast paced and competitive. Because of this every business has the need for updates ,maintenace, Tenant Finishes, and in some cases ground up construction of new buildings. We at Saguaro Company are proud to say we cover all needs of the Commercial construction industry. We can come put up your custom building so you can get your business up and running, we can do tenant finishes of all types so your building can fit your tenants needs and we can come and do and services or maintenace that your building may require no matter how big or small.

Tenant Finishes

Renting out a building is a major concern of anyone who owns a commercial building. One of the difficulties that is almost always encountered with potential tenants is the need they require of the building to run their business. Saguaro Company can come in and meet with you to create exactly what you need on your building to not only get a tenant in but keep them wanting to renew their lease with you. We offer tenant finishes of all types and sizes.

Maintenance and Services

With the hussel of the fast paced business world the commercial buildings take on lots of stresses and need to be maintained and serviced regularly to keep them in the best of shape for both workers and customers. Saguaro Company holds many service contacts with commercial buildings around the metro area. We have the understanding that problems happen and need to be fixed quickly so business does not suffer, with this being said we ge right to it and fix what needs to be done. This also includes updates buildings must have to meet state guidelines and requirements.

Ground Up Construction

One thing is certain in the business world and that is that the building you are in usaully doesnt last forever. It could just be an old building or your company may be growing and need a bigger space with more modern features. No matter what the reason is Saguaro Company is happy to help you create the exact building you and your business need. We are on the job then entire build starting with surveys of the land and the grading and digging of the dirt all the way to the end when you get the keys and do a walk through of you new complete building. 


ADA Services

One of the most important aspects of owning a commercial building is making it accessible to all. This can be difficult because of the long list of ADA Guidelines and the ever changing lists of requirements and restrictions. Saguaro Company is highly experiance and knowledgable of all ADA Guidelines and requirements and can help get any building up to meeting the ADA's requirements.

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